Luis Fercan

After passing through several bands in his native Galicia, Luis Fercán began his career as a solo musician in 2016.

In 2018, he releases his first LP, “Grieta”, which receives a very good reception thanks to the mix between the depth of his lyrics and the personality that is clearly reflected in such a mature project.

With 2019, Luis releases the EP “Furias”, whose single “110” reaches, as of today, 3 million listens on Spotify without entering lists which reaffirms the status of the musician as one of the emerging talents with greater projection of the national music scene.

In November 2021 he presents his new album “Canciones Completas Desde Una Casa Vacía”, produced by Nacho Mur, a work that artistically and conceptually reflects the creative moment in which the Galician musician finds his career. This is evidenced by the more than 100 concerts of the tour of this last album in Spain and Mexico.

Next February 2024, he will release his third studio album “Postales Perdidas” which will continue to be recognized for his characteristic raspy voice, with which he is able to captivate anyone who is listening, since it is in the intimacy of the halls and in his powerful live performance, where Luis shines with greater intensity.